Aziza ZIOU ZIOU Clinical Psychologist – Art Therapist – University Teacher
Graduate of the International School of Psychology of Casablanca

Supervision of art therapy workshops: painting dance and also for children with mild to medium disability (trisomy 21, clinical management of the adult adolescent child).


Swan JAKEL Psychopedagogue and International Coach in Human Development for the well-being

Certified International Coach in Human Development at the American-Canadian Institute for Human Development A.C.C.H.D – Canada
Certified and practiced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) graduate of “The Society of NLP, Richard Bandler” – USA (by Piernicola De Maria- Pupil of Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP.
Certified Graphology from the Canadian / Yemeni Institution The Gulf Board and Sona’a Alkarar for Human Development – Canada
Graduated in psychopedagogy from the School of Psychology of Casablanca.
Coaching Québec / Morocco Certificate in hypnosis bases

Debate-conference workshops soon to help you better manage the children of the new world!


 Isabelle TONG Educator Sports and leisure children – Trainer in playful educational parents-children and school. Graduate State Certificate of Educator Sport & Animation For All – Paris (France) – Rescuer –
Gymnastics specialist trainer: Baby gym (psychomotor development kids), rhythmic gymnastics, dance and fitness.

The jet provides a source of well being, energy, vitality to make the shower a most enjoyable moment while giving quality to the water.

Respecting the most fragile skin (also those with psoriasis, eczema, dryness of the skin and other uses) giving a natural hybratation, avoiding the inconvenience of itching. Softer skin, leaving a feeling of softness. A hair softer, silky, shiny, easy to comb.


1013265_10201882918093623_2001435518_nKenza ALAOUI MHAMDI Graduated from The Open International University For Complementary Medicines in Bangalore (India) -Master in Sujok (treatment with seeds). Studied at Ling Shen Institute of Chinese Medicine of Geneva (Switzerland)

Therapist auricular acupressure and Indian treats sleep disorders (nightmares, insomnia) and overweight your children.
Using the method Sujok with seeds in acupressure and at the earlobe.
Unique method, painless and 100% natural.


PhotoDr. Hicham Mohamed BERRADA GOUZI Doctor graduated from medical school in Montpellier – France
 How to Improve Weight Problems and Child Sleep : Sleep is constructive! It is a period of rest allows the body to “recharge his batteries”. Sleeping helps to grow, to remember the learning of the day and develop the brain. Although sleep also reduces the risk of obesity and overweight.

Therefore, especially for children, lack of sleep can have detrimental consequences: growth, psychomotor development and nervous balance. This altered sleep in children often harm the sleep of parents who are forced to live at their own pace.

The purpose of the sleep consultation is to analyze the quality of night sleep, its distribution in the day and to support the possible sleep disorder. Obesity and overweight affects 1 child in 5. The number of children complaining of weight problems has been multiplied by 2 over the last ten years.

This worrying increase in these figures is mainly explained by an unhealthy lifestyle, the main determinants are: unbalanced diet and inactivity. Prevention and treatment at an early age remain capital. All studies agree that early load weight problems gives better results in the short and long terme.Ces weight problems are sometimes found in the whole family, defining the concept of familial obesity. Our consultation weight aims to treat and correct disturbances child’s eating or even family, by establishing rules for better food hygiene and life.


Marion ALMER Expert-trainer Feng shui and Geobiology
epresentative of the European Feng shui Institute in North Africa since 2012.

No doubt over the importance of the child’s bedroom, where the child – the baby, young children, adolescents sleeping, studying and playing. But who knows the influence of its development, see : the shape of the room and the furniture? the choice of colors? the position of the bed to sleep? the right place to focus the office and learn easily, the reasons and symbolic wall decoration, lighting on well-being and development of the child.

There are many details to consider and that will have inestimés benefits for children. When decorating rhymes with vitality and wellbeing. Build and decorate the child’s room so that it feels better!

Generally, we decorate the room of his small according to his desires, convenience, space … but is the child really feel good? If the nights are hectic, it hardly do his homework at his desk or he occupies the entire room with his toys, it may be time to ask whether there is not something to change in his room so that it feels better. Sometimes it’s changing colors, changing the orientation of the bed, moving the office, creating a play space that equilibrium is found. Not to evolve the design with the child’s age.

Feng Shui, combined with the psychology of the habitat and the child and with chromotherapy (using curative colors) helps us to decode the effect of each piece of furniture and decoration on our children. It is the art of decorating and decorating a room in all conscience. The goal is that everything is harmoniously integrated into the environment and that the child feels good about it.

Sometimes it is by changing the colors, changing the orientation of the bed, moving the desk, creating a play space that balance finds itself without forgetting to evolve the decoration with the age of the child .


Rosalba LUCE Practitioner and consultant at home – Training CREAVERSEAU Marie de CHAUNY Paris – France authorized Access Conciousness
Abbreviated EFT is a mind-body practice based in the United States in 1993 by an engineer named Gary Craig now retired and that according to its author would value psychotherapy. EFT aims to alleviate the emotional and psychological suffering of people. It is practiced by maintenance therapy and stimulation of points on the meridians run by listed Chinese medicine, hence the appellation technique called “meridian”.

Objectives: This is an action that is both physical (stimulation of acupuncture points with the fingers) and mental-emotional (use of negative / positive affirmations) to clean up the body’s energy system. When the energy flows again in areas that were blocked, the problem is eliminated. At a basic level, this technique is simple, easy to use. It aims to manage negative emotions of daily life: fear, sadness, anxiety, stress, emotional pain origin, method:

The EFT is a therapy that uses the acupuncture meridians. You tap specific items and you repeat the sentences following the therapist. This therapy does not use needles. EFT allows easy practice, and empowers the patient who takes possession of the method if desired. Unlike other therapies, EFT often allows the patient to quickly become his own therapist. Its action is effective on many disorders: trauma, depression, phobia … and many more.


François ARCTURUS Graduate of the Center and European Faculty of Sophrology of Paris – studied in Dar PARU (Healing Body – Spirit – Soul)

 The family environment, school, society, over-stimulation, excessive demands, exhausting rhythms or even possible changes in the child’s life may affect its development and lead to various problems, Anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties, problems of concentration and memorization, hyperactivity, aggressiveness and violent behavior, psychosomatic illnesses, eating disorders … etc. The practice of sophrology will then promote the development Of the child in several areas by : Stimulating creativity – Encouraging autonomy – Improving communication – Strengthening self-confidence – Get rid of stress from school, get better sleep – Teaching him to use his breath to relax, calm down, manage his emotions, let go – Developing a better concentration, its memory capacity and a good quality of presence –  Strengthening the awareness of one’s body, sensations, 5 senses, presence in the world. Children’s Sophrology thus becomes a real source of lessons and resources for these growing adult.